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Dr. Peter Mulhern Has Wide Range of Surgery Experience on East Coast

Dr. Peter Mulhern has practiced Orthopedic Surgery in a wide variety of locations on the East coast of the United States, including Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

Peter Mulhern is presently licensed in GA and FL and most recently was affiliated with the Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, Florida and the Ocala Surgery Center. During the time of Mulhern’s practice in Georgia Dr.Peter Mulhern was affiliated with the Hutcheson/Cornerstone Medical Center in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, where he served briefly as the Chief of Surgery. Dr. Peter Mulhern practice in Tennessee was with the Parkridge East Hospital in Chattanooga.

Dr Peter Mulhern

Dr. Peter Mulhern received his Medical Degree from the Boston University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts in 1983 and from there took post-graduate education and his Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. Dr. Mulhern also completed his General Surgical Internship at Georgetown University Hospital.

Dr. Peter Mulhern has also worked at the St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, as well as Hubbard/Harrington Hospital in Webster, Massachusetts. In Worcester, Mulhern also worked at the Worcester Surgical Center, and prior to that worked at the former J.B. Thomas Hospital in Peabody, MA and Union Hospital/North Shore Medical Center in Lynn, Massachusetts and Salem, Massachusetts during his time with the Sports Medicine North Orthopaedic Surgery practice in Lynnfield.

Dr. Peter Mulhern presently resides in Ocala, FL and practices today in Ocoee, Florida, continuing a highly-respected career in Orthopaedic Surgery. Mulhern continues to be a passionate fan of football and college basketball, cheering on the Buffalo Bills and hockey Sabres from his native Buffalo, New York. Mulhern also enjoys the occasional game of golf, which may become more frequent with his recent relocation and new practice in Florida.

About Dr Peter Mulhern: https://drpetermulhern.wordpress.com/about-drpetermulhern/


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