Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Peter Mulhern Takes Upper Education at College of the Holy Cross

The founder of College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, Bishop Fenwick bought Mount Saint James in 1843.  The site the Cathedral of the Holy Cross overlooks Worcester, Massachusetts, Dr Peter Mulhern choice for his higher education after graduation from Canisius High School in Buffalo, New York.  Classes commenced in November of 1843 in the old Catholic boarding school on the site with students from elementary through high school education levels.  As the College of the Holy Cross continued to grow, through the destruction by fire of its main building in 1852 to the eventual success of its efforts to secure a state charter in 1865, the institution slowly conquered the anti-Catholicism which had threatened to end its founding.

Dr. Mulhern earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from College of the Holy Cross in 1978.  Holy Cross graduates who apply to medical schools, as did Dr. Mulhern, have a 91% acceptance rate, a testament to the quality of Holy Cross scientific and technical education standards.  Holy Cross’ dedication to academic excellence is an outgrowth of its Jesuit mission, to pursue a special responsibility to the world’s poor and powerless.  In its quest for ever-increasing growth and relevance to the struggles of today’s poor and underprivileged, Holy Cross has gained a reputation as a bastion of the Catholic Left, even while strongly clinging to the virtues of the Jesuit order.

Peter Mulhern completed his residency at Georgetown University Hospital, today known as MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in 1988.  Prior to his residency, Mulhern took his Medical Doctor degree at Boston University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts in 1983.  Boston University School of Medicine, or BUSM, is distinguished in that it is the first such academic institution in the world to enroll and educate female physicians.

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