Orthopedic Surgery

Peter Mulhern: Sports Medicine Surgery

Peter Mulhern joined his first private practice after he finished his residency at Georgetown University hospital in 1988 and specialized in more general Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. His work allowed many patients to retake the field or simply keep living active lifestyles. More recently, however, he is a joint specialist who has replaced and treated joints for countless patients during his nearly-thirty-year career. Dr. Mulhern has been licensed to practice general orthopedic surgery in Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia and has been focusing on total joint replacement for the past few years. He says he’s been “a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons since 1990.”

Peter Mulhern specialized in repairing tendons and joints to withstand heavy usage by athletes early in his career, making sure his patients could put as much or more wear and tear on their tendons and joints than ever before. The methods of repairing joints for athletes so they can perform at the highest level is much different than the work he often does today, working with primarily older patients to replace joints riddled with painful arthritis issues. Performing restorative and healing care on athletes’ joints usually doesn’t involve surgery, because athletes want to minimize recovery time. But sometimes it’s necessary to repair serious joint or tendon damage. Advancements in this field have been fast and effective in recent years.

Peter Mulhern has worked with countless patients over his long career and continues to find more people who need his help in his community. Recently, he relocated from Florida to Illinois.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Peter Mulhern: Fracture Healing and Nonunion Procedures

Peter Mulhern has been a general orthopedic surgeon for nearly thirty years. He joined his first private practice in Lynnfield, Massachusetts in 1988 after completing a residency at Georgetown University Hospital. He has worked in several hospital settings over his career, including at the Hutcheson Medical Center in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, where he “was briefly the Chief of Surgery… before leaving for Florida.”

Peter Mulhern has treated many kinds of injuries and joint ailments during his long career. He has worked with athletes in Sports Medicine settings and he has worked with the elderly to replace their arthritic joints if necessary. Fractures are a common problem in Orthopaedics.   Normally, these are treated either non-surgically with immobilization, such as a cast or splint, or surgically with plates, screws and rods.  Most of the time, fractures heal without complication but not always.

In order for a broken bone to heal, the area needs circulation and stabilization. Nonunion issues, or situations in which the bone doesn’t grow back together, can be addressed with these two factors. Because circulation is such an important factor in the healing of broken bones, patients who smoke have higher risks of nonunion complications. When bones don’t heal together, surgery is sometimes required to stabilize the site and add bone graft to stimulate healing. Peter Mulhern has a special interest in working with these types of difficult fracture cases.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Peter Mulhern: Alternative Arthritis Treatments

Dr. Peter Mulhern is an experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon who started working in private practices in 1988 after a residency in General and Orthopaedic Surgery at Georgetown University Hospital. After 16 years in MA, he moved to North Georgia until 20011 and then to Ocala, FL.  He has always tried to be open and communicative with all of his patients.   Mulhern has always been committed to helping his patients understand their options before going under the knife, especially for total joint replacement surgery.

Arthritis affects millions of Americans. Dr. Peter Mulhern does his part to mitigate the pain, swelling, and loss of mobility that this disease usually involves for his patients. Dr. Mulhern advocates surgery only as a last resort when more conservative treatment approaches have failed.  He performs many joint injections and has investigated the recent development of alternative approaches like PRP and Stem Cell Therapies. He performs joint replacement surgery for those of his patients when he thinks it appropriate, but he also recommends alternative arthritis treatments.

Weight loss is one of the ways patients can help ease arthritic pain. Diet control, regular exercise, sometimes even with the guidance of formal physical therapy, and occasionally medical therapy, such as the drugs used to control Rheumatoid Arthritis, and oral NSAID medications can help control the arthritis symptoms.  When those fail, however, Orthopaedic Surgeons like Dr. Peter Mulhern offer an alternative joint resurfacing surgery.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Peter Mulhern: The Simplification of Electronic Medical Records

Dr. Peter Mulhern is a supporter and participant in the revolution of electronic medical records. Important patient data can now be stored and accessed by doctors of all kinds within the same system, making it much easier for nurses and others to get pertinent information about patients in an instant. Electronic medical records have already saved lives by giving surgeons like Dr. Mulhern and his staff the most timely, important information all in one place. Dr. Mulhern would like to see these medical records systems communicate better so that everyone who needs access to this information can see them and they are used for accurate information transfer rather than just to support billing levels.

Dr. Peter Mulhern has already embraced the simplification of electronic medical records at his practices over his career as an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Mulhern has worked with thousands of patients over his long career, which began in 1988. He says that “over the last few years especially, I have been involved primarily with Joint Replacement surgery for hips, knees and shoulders.” Every medical treatment and surgical operation is made much easier with better information at the medical providers’ fingertips. Dr. Mulhern ensures that his staff has access to his patients’ information quickly and easily. He has observed the latest medical advancements over his long career and with a need to keep up with Board Certification, he has incorporated these to help his patients.

Dr. Peter Mulhern now lives in Galesburg, IL, having just recently moved from Ocala, FL. He has practiced orthopedic surgery in Massachusetts, North Georgia near Chattanooga, TN and most recently in Ocala, FL.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Peter Mulhern: Expert in Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Peter Mulhern started his career in orthopedic surgery by working with athletes on improving their joint function and helping them heal faster from injuries so they can return to the field. Over time, he’s moved on to focus more on total joint replacement. He says he’s “been practicing general orthopedic surgery since completing the residency in 1988.” That residency was at the Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. Dr. Mulhern has been, at various times, licensed to practice Orthopedic Surgery in Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and now in Illinois.

dr peter mulhern

Dr. Peter Mulhern has helped countless patients overcome their serious knee injuries or arthritis in their knee joints by replacing the joint when appropriate. Dr. Mulhern works closely with his staff and his patients to determine the best course of action for all of his patients’ ailments. Total knee replacement is an option usually for older patients who have left the playing field behind and simply need relief from the swelling and pain that comes with arthritis and instability.   Mulhern makes sure that his patients know the risks and rewards that come with total knee replacement surgery. While the recovery time may be lengthy, the rewards in pain relief and improved ability to walk usually outweigh the negatives.

Dr. Peter Mulhern has performed countless knee replacement surgeries during his long career and continues to provide his patients with excellent care options. He has just recently relocated to Galesburg, IL.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Peter Mulhern Takes Upper Education at College of the Holy Cross

The founder of College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, Bishop Fenwick bought Mount Saint James in 1843.  The site the Cathedral of the Holy Cross overlooks Worcester, Massachusetts, Dr Peter Mulhern choice for his higher education after graduation from Canisius High School in Buffalo, New York.  Classes commenced in November of 1843 in the old Catholic boarding school on the site with students from elementary through high school education levels.  As the College of the Holy Cross continued to grow, through the destruction by fire of its main building in 1852 to the eventual success of its efforts to secure a state charter in 1865, the institution slowly conquered the anti-Catholicism which had threatened to end its founding.

Dr. Mulhern earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from College of the Holy Cross in 1978.  Holy Cross graduates who apply to medical schools, as did Dr. Mulhern, have a 91% acceptance rate, a testament to the quality of Holy Cross scientific and technical education standards.  Holy Cross’ dedication to academic excellence is an outgrowth of its Jesuit mission, to pursue a special responsibility to the world’s poor and powerless.  In its quest for ever-increasing growth and relevance to the struggles of today’s poor and underprivileged, Holy Cross has gained a reputation as a bastion of the Catholic Left, even while strongly clinging to the virtues of the Jesuit order.

Peter Mulhern completed his residency at Georgetown University Hospital, today known as MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in 1988.  Prior to his residency, Mulhern took his Medical Doctor degree at Boston University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts in 1983.  Boston University School of Medicine, or BUSM, is distinguished in that it is the first such academic institution in the world to enroll and educate female physicians.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Peter Mulhern Encourages Pre-Op, Non-Invasive Therapies

Total hip replacement as an invasive technique to treat the ravages of arthritis is practiced across the United States by Orthopaedic Surgeons like Peter Mulhern.  Peter Mulhern, a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon in Ocoee, Florida, performs total hip replacement for those who suffer from failed joints. Rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, traumatic arthritis and protrusion acetabuli are only a few of the profusion of conditions which are associated with joint failure and the orthopaedic surgery undertaken to return the joint to proper functioning without pain.

Surgical professionals like Peter Mulhern apply their skills only after other alternative therapies, like physical therapy and medication, have not been successful.  The development of the artificial joint, or hip prosthesis used today, began in 1962 with the work of Sir John Charnley.  The hip prosthesis of today has several variations, including cemented and uncemented, and the operation is often performed so well that active and professional athletes return to their sport successfully afterward.

The choice of total or partial hip joint replacement and type of prosthesis is at the discretion of professional Orthopaedic Surgeons like Dr Peter Mulhern, who customizes each surgery to maximize the success of the patient’s new joint.  Post-operatively, the most common risk is the danger of dislocation, loosening, infection, metal sensitivity, nerve palsy, pain or osteolysis (the destruction or disappearance of bone tissue.  Of these, orthopedists deal most commonly with dislocation.  During the surgery, the femoral head is removed from the socket and hip implants are positioned before the hip is returned to its proper position.  Soft tissues which have been cut or injured during surgery take eight to twelve weeks to heal, and it is during this period that the ball of the hip can dislodge from its socket.  Those Orthopaedic Surgeons who perform many hip replacement operations each year have lower percentages of dislocation among their patients.

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